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Gujarat amusement is one of India's largest Distributor and consultants Family Entertainment Center in the last 15+years. We have set up gaming zones from 1000 square feet to 20000 square feet across all major Indian cities. We have also set up the first gaming zone for Tanzania Country.
We not only provide games but also provide complete knowledge in identifying a location, machine layout, interior, Sop for the operation of the game center, staff appointment and training and Support for marketing and operation thus ensuring that the game center is successful from day 1.We have accumulated this knowledge from our 15+years of experience in the amusement industry in India.

Bhavesh Shah
CEO (Gujarat Amusement Industries)

Video Games

Video Games is an essential part of any FEC or Amusement Park. It's widely loved category by kids as well as teenagers. And the naturally profitable category for promotor.

Bumper Car

Bumper Car is a small electrically powered car, driven in an enclosure at an amusement park with the aim of bumping into other such cars.It's widely loved by youngstersand teenagers.


Virtual Reality is very popular entertainment machines among all aged people. The unit require between 2-9 square meters of space depending on which model selected.

Redemption Game

Redemption games are typically arcade games.Which reward the player of skill that proportionally to their score. The reward most often comes in the form of tickets or coins.

Prize Machines

Prize Machines are game of skill serves as a true attraction piece, yet only consumes a mere 10 square feet of floor space. It’s widely loved by teenager and youth.

Amusement rides

Amusement park rides can be fun for kids and adults alike. From the coaster to the carousel, find out which rides can suit to your location. We have more than 200 rides in our catalogue.

Kiddie Rides

Kiddie rides are coin-operated amusement ride for small kids,Its commonly installable in amusement parks, malls, hotel game rooms and outside supermarkets and discount department stores.


An inflatable is an object that can be inflated usually with air. The most popular inflatable are castles structures and buildings and similar items, Loved by kids and children.

Soft Play Stations

Soft Play Stations are dedicated zone for toddlers and crawlers with smaller versions of the big fun and some age appropriate toys and challenges of their own.



9D VR Cinema, 9D Virtual Reality, 9D VR Cinema simulator for VR video Game, shooting game

9D Virtual Reality (9D VR) -Single Seat is 1 player seat inside with a 3D glasses to show 360 degree graphic display, have 20 movies for option, be immersed in realistic, simulatedRead More...
By : gujgame@ | Jul 18, 2017

child and adult are actively impress into Mini-Train.

Mini-Train Theme  parks are three-dimensional fantasy settings in which both child and adult are actively immersed into Mini train. They have their roots in the amusement park, which has long been aRead More...
By : gujgame@ | Jul 12, 2017

Children use their imagination extensively when at play

Through the creation of role-play fantasies, children are able to escape their dependent and limited role as children and venture into a world of fantasy to become free-willed, independent persons owning aRead More...
By : gujgame@ | Jul 12, 2017