Theme  parks are three-dimensional fantasy settings in which both child and adult are actively immersed into fantasy environments inspired by literature, films, and television. They have their roots in the amusement park, which has long been a center of active play where children and adults alike can divert themselves from their typical daily regimes and involve themselves in direct play, thrill, and challenge. Yet even in amusement parks, where adults and children alike can participate in active play, parents are more likely to participate passively as bystanders, observing their children at play. There’s no better place to experience something new together. Make sure you check out our most thrilling attractions, our water rides and land rides. Keep a keen eye out for timings of various other fun programs across the park – be it the next wave at the Wave Pool, or the next dance at the Rain Disco, or the next show at the Adventures of Chikku. Your visit should be a non-stop fun ride.