Ball Picthing Amusement Game | Ball pitching games machine


W1630*D1150*H1930 MM
360 W
100 KG


In Baseball, the player’s team must score more runs than the opponent’s team by the end of the game. The game consists of nine innings and takes place on a simplified baseball diamond.


Player 1 always plays as the visiting team and bats at the top of the innings, with Player 2 playing the home team and batting at the bottom of the innings. The pitching player selects a pitch to throw by pushing the controller in one of eight cardinal directions, each representing a different speed and direction for the pitch. The batting player then attempts to hit the ball into play and reach base safely, so that subsequent batters can also hit the ball into play and move the base-runners around to home plate and thus score a run. If the ball is hit into play, the pitching player uses the keypad on their controller to select the fielder to control and attempt to catch the ball, then selects the player to receive the throw, with the intent of putting the runner “out.”